So begins another week

Monday is here. Ready or not. The continual focus is on the good times, the good things I have. During the night the dark thoughts of what about this, what about that, the what if’s want to loom over me. Wanting to consume me. I push back the darkness with the truth…. The truth brings light, shining so brightly……that darkness actually flees…. We must all address the lies of darkness that come after us……to rob us of life….I must speak to the lie with the truth…. Tears stream down my cheeks as I make the choice to confront the darkness instead of hiding and shivering in the dark….. Courage and knowledge are needed. I must have the knowledge of truth and the courage to speak it. As this is happening I experience the peace that can only come with the truth. Hmmmmmmm….

Now I focus on the goodness, the richness that exists in my life… Remembering all the wonderful, miraculous things that have happened in my life…. 



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