Waiting room drama

Once upon a waiting room filled with patients. The drama unfolds as the patients form a line behind one another waiting to check in with the receptionist and to verify how far behind the doctor is time wise.  They are anxious to know when they will be seen… Comparing appointments while waiting in line. This is taking too long to check in comments one woman as she impatiently dials the office number on her cell phone… She gets the answering machine. She grunts… And then she begins to berate the woman behind her, she begins to tell her what she thinks of her…accusing the woman of skipping in line…. Pointing her finger at that man over there, well he is in front of you. She continues to berate this woman who cannot stand up straight, leaning on her cane. This poor woman says so sorry, I did not realize this. I am not feeling well today and I am having major surgery tomorrow. She drops her folder containing all her medical paperwork. She looked as if she was going to cry. The woman in front of her continues to berate her as she picks up her paperwork and hands them to her. Which the woman promptly drops again onto the floor. Why can’t you hold onto your paperwork? You have got to get those demons under control. You have got to take their heads off! To which this poor woman meekly agrees. Of course while this is going on every eye and ear attentive to what is going to happen next. Well, there is a moment of silence and a daughter and her mom enter into the drama. The mom who is in a wheel chair hooked up to her oxygen, listens to her daughter complain that her mom  has waited so long that she is running out of oxygen. The daughter has a tank of oxygen in the van but she flatly refuses to walk out to get it. She states I have trouble walking. Humph!!! Two other people chime in agreeing how awful, they should see her right away. The complaining continues as they push each other to out do one another in rude comments and their right to be seen by the doctor now!! And a mother yelling and berating her grown son in front of everyone in the room. His face reflecting the shame that washes over him. The overflowing of bodies in a cramped waiting room does not help their dispositions. Chairs have been sit up in the hallway so patients can sit. The door propped open to allow more air flow…… Listening to and watching this is surreal. I say quietly under my breath “Jesus”. Praying for escape…. Praying for the inner office door to open… So I can run inside ….. I won’t have to see or hear how cruel people can be to one another. 

This is my afternoon at the doc’s office. It was really more than drama, it was psychotic!!!!!

You can’t make this stuff up 



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