Almost the end of eek

Well, was up early. Did some household chores, like thank God for washing machines…ran to buy milk and chocolate biscotti for tea !! Had sticker shock from package of pinwheels, $$$$ 4.99 for a pkg…. Prices are so crazy high, seems like it happened over night. Back home for tea and biscotti with my lovely granddaughter, while chatted about vbs so excited we get to work together and my sweet Gracie will be there. Was a little nervous at first because first time working with this group of adults…

Note: if I was working a job I would not be able to do this wiith my family… As this will be a family affair… All kids excited….

Yesterday was hard, had to fight the funk …. Today much better

Watched some tv, did some bible study ( was challenged by study)

Laughed a lot with my daughter on the phone… Both of my girls are amazing…

There are so many moments in my days, I want to make all of them count …


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