Bible study moments

Just want to jot down some thoughts about a bible study…. Helps me clear my head and gives clarity. Being in the perfect will of God for my life, is where I want to be. Being in the permissive will of God leaves me yearning for more and in a place with limited or no protection. The thoughts of what I want to do must be what He wants. No matter how good I think it is, if it is not his plan I have failed. So God what is the plan? I know it is to study more, be in your presence more and pray more… The plan is when I do these things you will let me know more. The foundation of me has been shaken so hard and I must be sure to have my foundation build upon the rock…upon Jesus Christ and nothing less. This sums it up. The only thing else I can say is, it is hard because my flesh wants to “do”. Because the flesh thinks doing is being more. But what can be more important than being a Mary…. No Martha for me.

My moments of learning to be obedient.

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