Tea time

Yep, gonna sip some tea and ponder the day before me. Hmmmmmm, love it when a plan comes together. The day is begun by me being grateful for the day. A grateful heart is a heart that can go on. It is a heart that sees moment by moment. It has got to relish the simplest moments. It is also going from the state of mind saying I “have to” tooooo … To saying and thinking I get to…. I get to erxercise my body. I get to make it physically stronger! And being grateful that body can do it….
These thoughts are the thoughts I need to make it through. Must renew mind and take captive any thought that is not true or will lead me spiraling down. This is life choosing the good, choosing the better. I cannot ignore the pain. I choose to live above the pain. Kinda like choosing to live in the midst of the pain. To get the most out of every day.
So hear goes to today… A cup of tea that is warm to touch and smells so yummy, in my favorite fat cup…covered with my blankie, it is a down comforter that is soooooo old others would have given up on it long ago, with the whirl of the fan above me blowing the air into swirls around the room.


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