Life is so daily

No tea this morning, needed to fast for blood work. Expecting a good report. Was really “HOT” today, had to fight not to be crabby….check with my family to see if I was successful. Had a new recipe to try out, turned out to be yummy. Best part of meal was watching my grandson eating. The cheese in the sandwich kept stretching in long strings. It was comical. Yet, very satisfying because he enjoyed it sooooo much. We watched a movie together, then time to take him home. Was nice to listen to him share his hopes and dreams for the future. My job is to speak “life” to him. To continually pray over the young man. This is what life is about. The everyday living, going here there and everywhere yet remembering whose you are and that you are a giver of life because you have life in you. How easy it is to get bogged down with the daily things, forgetting we have a greater purpose.


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