New day

New day, fresh start. I am going to choose to celebrate this day as I won’t get this time back once it is gone.  The “what if’s”  showed up strong last night. In the dark things want to magnify themselves. Good news for me is I remember to turn on the light. The light floods into the room consuming the space that held darkness. I am reminded that I was taken care of back in the day. And taken care of all the way up to today. And the “what if’s” of tomorrow are taken care of also. The light wraps around me, comforting. How warm the light makes everything. Lighter brighter…..making today a fresh start.

Ok it is time to celebrate the joy of being in Christ. Circumstances want to rob me of this great joy. Not going to happen. I choose to keep my joy. How? By looking full into his wonderful face and the things of this world grow dim…….


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