My day

Another new day. Duh! I feel better today than I have in a while. The morning shower raining down on me making me feel refreshed. And the smell of the new conditioner for my hair well, kinda like a spa smell. Water is so refreshing. I am grateful for clean, fresh, running water…… Right to my own private bath…. Yep, brings big ole smile.

As I now sit and ponder my day I hear the rumbling of the lawn mover. I am thinking everything is right. Ya know that feeling, people out and about doing their thing. Lawn work, cars being washed, children racing up and down the street on their bicycles their laughter echoing in the breeze behind them. The smell of freshly mowed lawn filling up my senses. Yep, it is all good.

Of course, it is not all good! Yet, I choose to remember the good. I choose to do the good. I take time to enjoy the smallest of things learning they are actually greater things. They let me see beauty. To see the beauty, to sit and enjoy the beauty… To once again be grateful for the beauty in this moment created by my maker. It really is choosing truth, His truth. Everything is right because He is right.


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