Sewing room

Today I finished a soft, powder blue bunny. Complete with a rosebud dress, little bag and a tie for her ears. She is soooo cute. Will I keep her or give her away? She an embroidered face so a wee little one could snuggle easily. So happy to finish her. I have my very own sewing room for all my stuff, it is overflowing with stuff just waiting to be done. It seems to be I work earnestly here a few days, take a break then back working again. This break was a little longer than usual. So it is time to begin working. So many ideas I have for creating things. Mmmmm must tidy up a bit first because doodling and water color painting kinda took over some space. A bit messy … Doodling is just fun, with time pasting by so quickly your like yikes !!! Did I just spent 3 hours doing that!!

Moments in this room give way to satisfaction of finished projects…


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