Went to visit a church, don’t have church family, yet. Anyway, met up with a couple we used to go to church with. Had lunch, catching up on our lives. Agreeing that we need to continue being friends regardless of whatever church we attend. The food was also yummy. It was a Mexican place, that was so colorful… Was a fun atmosphere. It was really nice to eat out and to eat with another couple. Don’t eat out much… Which is good for the budget and health wise… Also, found out crossing guard whom we chat with, her and husband attend this church. Was a pleasant surprise. God is always making our world smaller. Hmmmmm. Would be nice to find a place to fit in.

So much unsaid …. Like when you don’t have a church family…. The feeling of being left out. The feeling of not belonging. What is your purpose. During this time it is important to remember that God does have a plan for me. It is a good plan. And I do belong. I belong to him. He is more than enough. So when doubts creep in wanting to set up camp to draw me away from the truth…. I ask myself the question is this the truth. The truth that is, is this what God says. The purpose of my life doesn’t change,  no matter where I attend church. I am to glorify my God…..The unsaid…where the enemy kept apart couples from encouraging each other and serving  together. Now being together to begin a new…


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