Everyday life

How much easier life would be if we were honest with each other. Using our voices to express ourselves clearly and honestly. Yet, with kindness and respect. Could it be that we don’t know ourselves well enough to express what we feel. Hiding behind others. Living their hopes and dreams. Never acknowledging our true selves. Afraid of rejection. So we live in the shadows of others. Never really knowing who we are. Unable to express who we are. Fear of rejection making us afraid to express how we feel to others because we want them to still love us or want them to still like us. We carry a deep sadness inside our hearts when we cannot be true to ourselves. The sadness will continue to grow, making our hearts heavy. Making each day dull, stealing the brightness of each day. Continuing until we have truly lost ourselves. Is that possible. Can I be lost? I think a lot of people I see everyday are lost. I used to be lost. But now I am learning everyday who I am. And I am growing comfortable in my own skin. I think this is a life long process. My heart is lighter. I laugh more. I discover things I enjoy. And take pleasure in knowing the things that are not for me. So I can speak without guilt, hmmm ya know that just doesn’t work for me. Or telling someone that hurts my heart. I have found by being true to myself confusion ceases to exist. The going down the rabbit trail can be totally avoided by using my ” voice” speaking for myself. I grow in strength and courage not only for myself but for others. 


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