The Heart

The Heart, holds the pains of life. The pain is like a liquid filling up the spaces of the heart. Flowing and expanding it’s way into every crevice of our hearts, being generated by the mind. The mind calculating, adding up the offenses. Replaying in the mind the offenses. Yet, can the word offense be strong enough to describe the pain, that tore and ripped the fabric of a human soul so much that it is unrecognizable. No it is not, there is no word strong enough to describe this agony. The mind like a steel trap holding the pain in. Keeping it in the heart. The pain. The emotions.  The heart overflows with the pain, leaking out into every area of the person’s life till there is no life.

The mind must be reset. The tape of pain must be deleted. The toxic emotions released. The tears flowing steadily… releasing the pain. The voice crying out the injustice. The anger. The bitterness. The emptying out the heart….giving way to life. Life being pumped into the heart. Life = Love            Love = Life


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