Closet time

Often times it is necessary to sit in my closet. Ya know the song “make the world go away”. Well, sitting and thinking in my closet helps me be a better person. When I just get away from all the distraction, all the noise of the world. Just sitting for awhile makes me feel better. It is just taking a step back, to catch my breath. The world has so many things in it to pull me off my course. Remembering who I am and whose I am keeps me centered. More often than I would to admit I go, go, go, till I am drained. To face the world
and all the goings on, I need regular closet time. Not waiting till I am depleted. So I am striving to give myself what I need. A little guiet time. Just to be alone with me ….. And him…. My best friend… It is no good for me to be by myself… Navel gazing is not good. But being with him …… Refreshes me. Puts me back on track. I am able to be in the world but not of the world. To focus on my mission, my time to do what I am called to do.
In addition to that he heals my hurts. The last week with the hurt from a loved one…. Ouch…. More than ouch…. Can only be healed by letting him take me through the process…..facing it and letting it go. Only my Lord Jesus Christ can do this. There is no other who has the power to make things eternally better…..


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