Art from beneath a bridge

Beneath a bridge
Beneath me
Beneath myself
Who would think?
Beauty beneath a bridge
Beauty beneath me
As I looked at the art, thinking this is under the bridge…the foundation so to say…a place usually no one really sees or notices as they walk by, or walk through to get to the other side… Yet, now amazing beauty is here for all to see. We all have the ability to show the beauty within… Are we willing to be cleaned up….are we willing to let go of stuff that defiles us….are we willing to put forth effort to be beautiful….to shine….the surface of beneath the bridge was prepared, cleaned, the shapes cut, the shapes not cut….but before this there was a plan and it was written down or drawn… Is our plan laid out? Is our plan written down? God has a plan for each of us, He has called each of us to write down the plan, the vision for our lives…to live it out with Him….to be beautiful in Him….so we must say have your way in us ….we must do the hard work of getting clean… Almost like sitting still and letting our momma’s clean our faces and ears as we were little…. We squirmed about, giving voice to our discomfort…. We again must sit yet without squirming and complaining. Being grateful of the beauty that will come forth as a result. Looking beneath the bridge at the art, felt good. It was pleasing to me. The color vibrant. The twists and turns calling me to follow to see where where they would lead. God wants people to see us, to be drawn to us, so we can bless His people, as we say to them we can show you the way “TO” Him.
Beneath the bridge
Beneath me


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