Took a day

Took a day to enjoy some art… They have an amazing art mosaic downtown under the bridge. The colors were amazing. I want to go back and see it at night. The city skyline was pretty. I had forgotten that Jacksonville is so great. Today is the Gainesville art museum. I have been there once. I enjoyed it. So happy to go back and see some art there. Except they have a section called adult section. Certainly can do without that that. I know, I know art is blah, blah, blah…when comes to passing off disgustings things as art. If art cannot glorify our God and brings us closer to being like him…what’s the point. I know, I know, blah, blah, blah, free expression of some of the most awful stuff that brings humanity to disgraceful ness….

All in all yesterday was a great reminder to enjoy the moments in any given day. Because time spent is time never given back. And before ya know it all your time has slipped by. After viewing the art, we looked for a bakery I wanted try…couldn’t find it. So we wandered into a shop called Paris. Had a wonderful conversation with the owner. Would enjoy going back to chat and picking up something from Paris. Life connections. 


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