imageMy vacation has been good, really good. It is the stay-cation. Staying home yet going somewhere everyday. Went to art museum in Gainesville. Saw some great photos. You know when they say a photo is worth a thousand words….well,that certainly can be true. The photo was of two slave girls dressed in ragged clothes, worn out shoes with holes in them. Their faces reflecting the abuse and poverty of their lives. Then you see the girls holding a photo of a women’s arm holding a tea cup … The china beautifully decorated with small pink flowers. The arm holding it has a lacey sleeve and jewelry on the fingers. It was the master presence being conveyed. The stark contrast between the girls and the woman. Was amazing photo.

For dinner we went to a pizza joint that had live music… The decor of the place was fun…it was colorful and it was green. Meaning they used everyday items to decorate with. Example: eyeglass garland. Yep, a string running across ceiling with old eyeglasses hanging across it. Old bicycle tires used as part of ceiling. A fun place. Yep, pizza was yummy. Was so relaxing.

We went to Riverside Arts Market— listened to some country music, watched a couple of dance performances with the backdrop of the river behind the platform. Sitting on a bench watching and listening all the while catching a cool breeze from the river. More yummy food from a little place where the owners are from Venezuela. The cilantro chicken salad on homemade spinach bread. Hmmmmm….. Then pound cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Talking slice of cake was four layers….

It has been really good to step out of the house, see some things. Talk to some new people. Hopefully  go back to foster some relationships. Sometimes life bears it’s weight down upon us and we struggle to move beyond the dailys. Stepping out this past week, doing local stuff, engaging into a larger circle was rewarding. I am going to work on doing this more. Taking that first step and being glad you did.


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