A full day

Yesterday was a full day. A trip to the local zoo was on the calendar. It included taking my lovely granddaughter. We left early so as to avoid the heat of the day. And the animals are different in the morning. The lion cubs put on a wonderful show for us. The lions cubs wrestled and played in the water. It was so much fun to watch them. I am a people watcher. So that was fun, too. Some folks didn’t seem interested at all. Taking only a second to glance at lion cubs then back to their phones. Most of the kids watched less than a minute, wanting to move on quickly to the next thing. I think that is the way of our culture. The moving on to the next thing. Thinking they are going to miss something if they don’t. Yet, we are not fully in the moment of life now. We talk over people on our phones. You know your talking to someone in person then they are looking down at their phone and texting while trying to talk with you. They are elsewhere and not fully engaged with you. They have a lost a “life moment”. And it is sad that they don’t even realize it. I want to be fully engaged in each moment of life. Not in fear of missing the next thing that I am not fully engaged in the “life moment” now. To relish who I am with. To be still, to really listen and observe so I don’t miss anything in that given moment. To slow down. To fully engage. Life is made richer this way. We see clearer. We feel more. We are connected…. I can honestly say I was in the moments at the zoo with my granddaughter. To see her eyes sparkle as she watched the cubs. She laughed at their antics. She didn’t want to move on to the next thing. She didn’t iPhone the moments. She was fully engaged in that moment of time. Giving way to feel joy by being engaged in nature. In awe of God’s created creatures. So I say to myself and to others let us enjoy the moment. Let us be engaged in the  “life moment” so that we truly don’t miss a anything.


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