Too long

imageIt has been too long since I last wrote. Multiple moments have passed. Of course, life keeps going on. I needed to rest up from the stay home vacation. It was good, ate some good food, saw some beautiful stuff.

I have a birthday this month. So I have been celebrating all month. Birthdays need to be celebrated. You know it is like yeah God, you did something pretty amazing here. For way too long there was no birthday party. No one saying “wow” you are special. I did not see myself as special. But God has shown me that I am special. Loving myself has taken time. And I am still working on it yet  I have peace with who I am. I still get hung up on where I am going. But that too shall pass. In celebrating my birthday I have met  plenty of folk who sigh and declare “just another day”. Sad for sure. Nobody said to them, I  glad you are here…. You are loved and you are special. And most importantly they have a hard time loving themselves. God heals my broken heart. He holds me telling me I am his. That I truly am special. To not let each day pass by without shouting to yourself and to the world I am loved !!!! To hug myself….to accept and affirm myself as being pretty darn great. Such freedom to live when your happy with yourself. Such freedom to be all you are called to be.


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