New Day

New day. With birthdays come self examination. Have I done what I wanted to. No not even close. And days passing so quickly the question is will I get the opportunity to do what I want. The answer that comes out of my mouth is probably not. Yet, is that answer accurate? There is much in my heart I want to do. What holds me back? Fear….. Fear of not achieving and fear of achieving. Whatever the fear is or why, I am tired of the holding back. So I ask my God, who knows me so well to strip me of all that holds me back. To gird me with his strength. I want to go to the next level with God. I pray these are his desires I seek.

At the same time I wrestle with feelings of doing. God whispers so clearly that the my need to do….. Is not his desire for me. He whispers I am enough. Spend time with him and it will all work out. Being a Mary is all he desires from me. So peaceful do I feel when I sit at his feet.

So no more pondering what to do before I miss it.    Just enjoy Him for all it is worth …


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