Night is here after a lazy day. Was good to have a day of relaxing. Had to tell myself  it is ok to rest. I let the thoughts of doing work slip past me. Not retaining them at all. I salute myself. Hehe. Seriously, all work and no rest makes me really grabby. No one wants that. But more than crabby, it gets you off balance. Not on the straight and narrow but way over in the ditch. In the ditch yep that is where all the ugly happens. Decisions made from a ditch position cannot be truth for you or anyone else. So the question is why are we letting guilt over not doing prevent us from truly resting? Are we so self important that we cannot stop to rest? Kinda like hey look at me and all my doings. See how important I am. Let me put more notches on my belt. I have to do this because no one else can. Whoa, blowing up like a puffer fish. Yeah, now that is attractive. Pride is a serious issue. I never really thought about it, like being prideful in this instance. But God is showing me how it really is pride. And it is stench to his nostrils. Now this is serious. I humble myself before Him, seeking forgiveness. Wanting Him to hold me, like He always does and whisper to me I have a better way. Let me show you. Lord, all I can say is “yes”. Don’t leave me here in this ditch. I want you, your straight and narrow path. 

How gracious He is to me. As I write this I feel no condemnation. Just a heart that is grateful for His direction. Grateful that He continues to show me His ways. I so want to please Him. It is so often the little things which we think are good that leads us to the ditch. The false guilt telling me, you must do more, be more…..

Thank God…… I don’t have to be more, or do more, to be important in His eyes. Now I can see as He sees. Thank you God. 



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