Day of Getting it Right

New schedule is working out. I am working hard at it. God is picking up where I cannot. Thank goodness. It goes so much better when He is in on everything. The only thing I can say to why He is not in on it, are only lame excuses. It is like when you have your very own superhero to help you. But ya fail to ask…..for whatever reason lameness is kicked in. He is my superhero. So no more excuses  ” I need you every hour,” says little ole me.

So the awareness of Him has been increased. The spending time with my superhero has increased. He makes everything better even when the physical world tries to convince me otherwise. 

I guess not believing my superhero can or would do for me what needs or desires to be done. Is the biggest excuse. How wrong am I. Let me count the ways. By spending time with Him. I get to know Him. How great He is. His greatness is unsearchable. He is all powerful, no matter in hell can snatch me from His hand. Whoa!!!! Yep, He is my help and so much more… Enough for now as I go have a cup of tea with my superhero.


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