Pool Party

Time for family fun splashing in the pool. Relaxing. Catching up with each other lives. Taking that time to stay connected…it requires taking time to engage with others. Their journey. Seeing and listening to their hearts. Speaking life to them. Loving on them in a huge way. 

We are all in different places, doing life our own way. We may not agree with each other’s choices. But standing by them is important. Loving can help them get where they need to be. What am I saying. Love them where their at. It can be hard….giving up a bit of ourselves is often required. Ouch!!! But that is what it takes. Is that not what God requires.

Don’t get caught up in false guilt. We cannot go down that rabbit trail. We cannot fix them or control them. Just make time for them with boundaries. Boundaries is another couple of posts. But sometimes people just need a little extra…. GRACE……. We all need that.

So let us love well where we’re at with all …the best we can..

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