Set Backs

The past three years have been really hard. Thank God me and my family are traveling the road to recovery. My mind thought of all these things as “set backs”. But God pointed out these were not “set backs”. But attacks from the enemy. And I said yes I know God. Attacks that were defeated by Him. Attacks that show I was safe in His arms. They have made me stronger in Him. They are my testimonies of His keeping power. In thinking of these as “set backs” was actually tainting the testimony. No they don’t change the call of God on my life. And no they didn’t stop the call of my life from going forth. They have actually made me stronger. All because of God… His keeping power… Keeping me safe… Pointing out things that needed to be changed in my thinking, in my actions, in my life. Not only for me but for my family. No “set backs”. Just walking out the victory in dependence upon the only one who could get me through it all. God is showing me how thinking a thought no matter how small. Can lead me into deception….. 



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