A New Day

The pain is still here yet it is not as sharp.  I cried my tears and pushed myself to pray. To call out to God. I told him how weak I am and how life hurts. He told me I am not alone.  He is near to me. He agreed life is not fair. But I am not alone. And that  He will help me to get up and keep going. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. That He cares and He understands. The thoughts of wanting change desperately and not seeing things change, that thought bringing hopelessness to the forefront of my existence. That thought had to be pulled down, taken into captivity. That I needed to see and say Jesus is not done here. That He is who He says He is! I cried my tears as He held me in His arms. I sensed a relief after pouring out my heart. He continued speaking the “truth” to me. Confronting the lies. He is not done here. To continue to believe that He has put these desires in my heart. He will make something beautiful out of this mess. Fresh tears spilling across the page. He does comfort me as I struggle against the weight of my world against me. Let go, He says…let go…. let go 


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