Moments Adding Up

Life’s moments this week have been exceptional hard. Personal conflicts with people I barely know. Demanding to know my hurts so I may serve in church. Yep, the guy really said, Tell me your hurts.” By the way this is asked in a busy public restaurant. I do not have a relationship with this pastor. I am not sharing until I know he is a safe person. Been there, done that. Didn’t work out so well for me. Your personal thoughts and feeling are of course shared with ALL leadership. Yes I visited his church for 8 Sundays. I liked being in the church, worship, word, people seem caring. Yes, I want to serve yet I am not into being interviewed and background checks for areas of serving that have nothing to do with kids. I totally agree to do this for children’s ministry. Totally awkward. I have not went back to church since this conversation. I really think this is it for me ….. No more churches!!!!! I love the Lord Jesus. I will study, worship and serve without the craziness at my home. I am not going to grow cold. I will love and serve my Lord. Just don’t understand the craziness. 

Car accident, no person physically hurt. The cars and MONEY for repairs. Emotional…. Ugh!!!

The washer and dryer broke on the same day, at same time…. How odd is that. Had to make major purchase to buy new ones as existing ones beyond repair. MONEY going out instead of coming in…..Installed both new appliances, spent two days doing this to find out the dryer is defective. Must unhook the dryer and load into vehicle. Wonderful gracious exchange. Must load up another new dryer. It has to be taken out of box, employees helping use box cutter to cut away box, scored the outside of dryer. So back into store to get another dryer, load it and drive home. Oh and don’t forget before beginning the whole dryer event the coffee pot blew up. Yep, out of that small machine flowed dark brown liquid everywhere. Nice!!! Moments piled up on me threatening to steal my joy. Wanting me to give up…. To believe the lie: that this is to be expected.

Another moment happens. This was so painful. My dear sweet girl child being bullied at school. This is so cruel…. She is such a sweet girl. To see her suffer is so hard. I want to put a band-aid on her heart. Whew…this makes my chest hurt and the tears fall. How can people be so cruel. I cannot begin to even share this……. 

This was past week…


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