Looking Up

Today is a new day. It is a fresh start. Am I going to drag the yesterdays into it? Or am I going to begin a new. Hmmm. Or if I have a solid foundation of goodness let me build upon that. I do have a solid foundation. Jesus is the foundation. So each day I can begin fresh and new. Just like when the seasons change. Fall is here, summer is gone. The air is crisp. And awakens me with surges of desire to tromp through the leaves. Lie on my back staring up at the sky through the tree branches catching the sunlight. So this feeling is hinting at the new. New things coming. Fresh. Not old. Not dreary. Must dance today. Must take advantage of today and all the newness it has to offer. To be expectant of what God is offering me today. A fresh, clean start is what He offers me today. Hmmm. Sweet fragrance of His forgiveness of my yesterday’s. Hmmm. So let it begin. 



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