Food Continue

I spoke in the last post about food. And that it bothers me so many people are hungry. I speak to myself. And to the moments in my life. So I hask it out for myself. Questions are asked of myself….what do I want to do about it. It saddens me that when I went to places for food. I was not treated with dignity. And for the most part the food was not healthy food. And anything considered fresh was rotten. Sorry to say… What are people thinking giving me a carton of eggs with two whole unbroken eggs and all the rest broken, with egg white and yolk dripping over the whole mess. Giving me a bag of slimy greens for salad. The smell could know you over coming from that bag. I decline the bag and you give me a mini lecture that I need to be grateful and take it. I know what it says to me… You need to be grateful for whatever I choose to give you. Better than nothing. Oh yeah, and by the way you say to me ….Jesus loves you… What the heck… Or I am gonna give you this food the gov’t collected and we so graciously store at our church…only if you let us put hands on you and pray…. No prayer. No food….What the heck!!!!

I am a strong Christian meaning that Christ is my Lord and Savior… And His heart is grieved by such behavior. I pray to forgive people who hurt others in the name of Lord Jesus. I pray that I am like Him. Loving ….. Kindness pouring out of me to those hurting…. I want to give as He gives…. 


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