Food is such an issue in the U.S. There are people starving here in this country. And then there is the group of folks who live to eat at every new place in town. People who are frying everything. Making mountains out of burgers. I mean seriously. What is up with that. And just about everyone wants to go food “truck” night. I guess I just want to say it bothers me greatly that people are hungry for food. And we have it to give. Yet, we choose to gore ourselves on mountains of food. Wanting to make ourselves up on all the latest foodie craze. Bacon ice cream, really!!!! Thinking only of ourselves. Why not cut back on the food experience and share with others…. I mean really isn’t it time we step outside of “self.” And give healthy food to someone hungry. Most food banks have trouble keeping up with demand of families needing food. There are no apples, oranges, or any fresh vegetables to give. Day old donuts, day old cakes, etc…. The dented can of whatever that even the dog won’t eat. 

Make a change today… No matter how small to help. You and I can make a difference… 



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