Newness Embraced

I challenged myself to make some lifestyle changes. It was time to stop the “bad habits”. Time to feel better in all ways possible. I wrote down my goals. I then wrote down a routine to keep them. I decided that no matter what happened in my day these things were happening. Making this decision made it so much easier. Because it was made ahead of time. Kinda like NO this is what is gonna be done regardless of what may come up in my day. I checked each item off as I completed them. Keeping it simple but effective. It is working!!! I am feeling so much better. It has really been hard but so worth it. The hardest I think is when I am with other people….

God is doing a new work in me. Yes, I have cried about the church issue. Not having a church family. But you God is my best friend and I can spend more time with Him. Getting to know Him more. I decided that I will just be me in my small world doing what I hear Him say. No more. No less. And yes, it hurts when church is not what it is suppose to be. So now is a time to soak in His presence. Being healed. Spending more time with Him makes everything else achieveable.

It is putting one foot in front of the other. Walking toward the goodness being offered me this day and every day.


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