The Child

  • Yesterday the Lil C came to spend the day with me. I didn’t make plans for us which is unusual. So there she is with her smiling face. “What we gonna do?” I suggest dinosaurs. We take a blanket to lay on the grass in the backyard. The fall breeze blows while the sun shines upon us. We opened the box filled with all sorts of dinosaur stuff. The playing begins. Roars, silly voices, make believe happening so easily…the rhythm between two people who love each other very much. Being silly together. Then some serious curiosity begins. Who were these giants. Where did they come from? We learned the meaning of the dinosaurs names, giggling as we said them out loud. As most of the meanings were based on the physical attributes of the creature. We then grew quiet. Resting our heads on the blanket looking up at the clouds. We guessed what the clouds looked liked. The sky was brilliant blue, the clouds white, puffy, bellowing quickly past us. Oh there is a dog! Oh there is a bear! Now we are still again. We listen as the leaves rustle from the breeze. It sounds so good. Now we are finished…quickly toss everything in the box. Go! Go! We have decided to visit the puppy store. Oh my goodness, so many cute puppies. The room is filled with cute fluffiness. It seems the more we pet them the more they want. Hmmmm… The dangerous part comes… All that cuteness tilts the head, the eyes looking longingly at us. You know what is being said. As it tugs on your heart strings. TAKE ME HOME. Quick make a getaway for the door. Oh my almost didn’t make it. Then off to get lunch. A most unhealthy lunch I have to say. But you know it is not that often a girl asks for Bologna. Peeling back that red strip that wraps it together. Then she holds her head back and pops it into her mouth. Yep, she laughs and smiles a smile of satisfaction. I laugh.  We play a couple games of Uno. Laughing more, making silly faces at one another. Okay… Win some. Lose some.It is time to head home. We stop at the chicken place for nuggets, fries and soda. We take our time. We people watch. She rests her head on my shoulder. I sigh. This is life. The moments that make my life so rich. Filling me with a fullness that can only be called completeness. I sit in these moments.  

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