Relationships take time, work and money. I work on hard on spending time with my family. That means I make time. Sure, I could be doing something just to benefit me. But will that benefit me in my relationships? Or benefit someone else? No it will not. I know I need time for me. Balance is key. Boundaries are key. Yet, given in today’s world we tend to be selfish. Only thinking of self. I must lay aside self to love someone else more than myself. So it will cost time. It will cost money. It will be a sacrifice. You know being silent and listening to someone else talk about their day. The ups and downs in their life. To build them up. To encourage them. To speak life to them. To laugh, to cry with them. To listen as the Holy Spirit speaks about what to pray for them in private. I work hard on being fully and completely engaged with the person. Yep, that means put the phone down.  Developing a relationship … loving on them. It has been well worth the effort. I am filled with so much love from these relationships. I have learned to listen, to be fully engaged in these moments of life. That is it… LIFE… In the fullest. Thank you God for their sweet smiles, their laughs. Life happening together in everyday  events. I don’t want to miss out on a thing. 



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