Life Happens in the Small Moments

I am working hard on being in the moment. Fully engaged. Seeing and experiencing the beauty of each small moment. To really live. To embrace the life I have been given with joy. Yes, there is pain so deep that sometimes it is hard to breath. But in the deepest part of me I know the truth. I am loved beyond measure. It takes focus to realize that I am loved this much. The song that has been playing over and over in my head is I Am a God Girl…. That is me. No matter what happens. The truth is I am a God girl and I want the whole world to see. To see His love for me… That they can have that love, too. This is what keeps me going. This amazing love. It keeps me. I can see the small moments and realize that the beauty in them is so great that they are true life. Hmmmm. Like lying in bed I can hear the birds singing. Their song is so sweet. It brings me pleasure to hear them. I listen… I hear the beauty in the moment. Life is full of these moments. I don’t want to miss any. Even in the times of struggle I want to see His beauty. I can only cry out to my Jesus, crying out help me to see Him in life’s moments. This is where I am at in life. Wanting everything God has for me and to not be weighed down by the world. To fully trust in Him. To understand that He’s got this. So I look expecting to see His glory.  



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