It was my daughter’s birthday celebration on Tuesday night. Though her birthday is actually tomorrow. I spent the day baking her two birthday cakes. No store bought this time. It was nice to be in the kitchen. Watching the kitchen-aid whirl up ingredients. The messy splatters on the counter. The smell of carrot cake baking in the oven filled the house. Cream cheese frosting licked from the spoon. Hmmmm. The second cake was banana nut cake…omg !!!! Was so good. While I worked in the kitchen I thought of her and how much I love her. I so wanted to please her with the birthday cakes. I thought of all the things I wanted for her. The thing I wanted most for her is to know Jesus Christ as her savior and lord. She does. But I want more. For her to truly know in her heart how much He loves her. Not just in her mind but in her heart. So that her heart is on fire for her lord. That she sees herself as He sees her. That He is her’s. That she is His. That she would dance in His arms… Melting away the pains of living in a broken world. 

Birthday cakes….and a mother’s prayer for her daughter. 



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