A Day of Food

Veterans Day !!! A day to say thank you to veterans. So lunch is at Chili’s … Yummy. Two waitresses waiting our table. A bit much as the friction between them was obvious. Duke it out… Then a bit later to Applebee’s for more yummy food. Applebee’s waitress was young with a southern drawl. Her appearance gives way to the hardness of being a waitress. Though her attitude was one of dedication to serve. Top it off with coffee from Starbucks. Whoosh…

Met a retired military woman at Starbucks. Named Sheryl. She was so happy to be retired after 30 years of service. She now volunteers in various positions helping others. She showed me a photo of herself in her all ribboned out uniform. So beautiful. She talked excitedly about more opportunities to volunteer in the community. She was also, in good physical shape as she biked up to Starbucks. Took about an hour to get there. Whew. 

I guess I just wanted to say she was a moment in my life. A bright spot. I enjoyed the conversation. I enjoyed sharing life in that moment. All too often we let encounters slip by. How sad for us to miss out on engaging with someone…to listen, to encourage, to laugh.  To smile a smile together.



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