Time To Move On

Time to move on. Today God showed me Joshua 1: 1-9

That it is time for me to arise …. Just like when  Moses died, God called Joshua to arise. To go. For me so many of my dreams have been shattered. I have grieved, crying many tears. Hiding myself, hiding my heart … Wanting no more pain. But God says to arise, to go. To be the child of God that His son’s death and resurrection paid for. The blood paid for me to live a promised life. To live IN Him. My first step to take is to stop looking back. Looking back keeps me from going forward. Keeps me in the mentality of being defeated and discouraged. Making it impossible to move forward. This wilderness mentality keeps me from living. Yes, I can grieve over losses BUT one cannot stay there. One must arise. One must go. So I arise. I arise to God’s call to live as a daughter of the most high. I am not looking back. I stand in the place of authority that Christ has given me. When the enemy brings things to me. I don’t look back. Cannot look back….I say I am a child of God. I have been bought and paid for by the blood of Christ. I have authority in His name. Jesus…. I am an overcomer. I have victory in Christ. Every place that the sole of my foot steps upon God gives. God is with me he will not fail me nor forsake me. So I choose to go. To be strong and to take great courage. To meditate on God and the life He has for me. I arise …. I go…. I am a child of the most high God. Pressing forward. I refuse to look back…. My way is prosperous. 

I arise…. I go….  



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