Many More Moments

Life is made up of so many moments. Moments that define my life, defining me. The moments in time seem to just roll over me. Kinda thinking it is just like a wave from the ocean washing up over me. Sometimes the wave hits me so hard I fall. I struggle to not be dragged under. Forcing myself to get up quickly before the next wave hits. My life has had so many rough waves beating on me. I struggle to get up each time to catch my breath. Life’s moment is there in what I do next. It determines future moments. Will I continue to stand bracing myself for the next wave or will I slowly let myself sink beneath the wave. Not breathing that next breath. Jesus is always there. He whispers to me …. Rest in me … He tells me to trust him. Not to struggle. I collapse into His arms. He cradles my head on his shoulder, holding me so tightly that nothing can move me from this embrace of safety. Yes, safety. Yes, the little girl in me not having anyone to protect me still seeks that now more than ever as a grown woman. A desire of a child continues to seek protection even as an adult. Wanting to be safe. To be held so tightly that nothing can get to me. I need Him. I slowly release this grip I have on my life to realize I can truly rest in Him. I release the grip. It is in this moment I am resting …. In Him. Waves can come but Jesus holds me, protecting me.   


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