OMG !!!!

The end of the year is upon me. Wow! Moments in time passing way too quickly. I am making sure to savor the moments good and not so good. I mean those times that are not so good are times that God shows up and out. Doing what needs to be done in that grace style of His…that only He can do. Hmmm. I did my morning devotional… Praying, seeking God… We chatted about my desire to be safe. It often is leading me down a path of me trying to control everything. To doing in myself strength. Which I said wow…. Gosh, I am sorry. Forgive me for not trusting you. And forgive me for idolatry cuz I was putting myself on the seat of my life. It was as if He took a jack hammer to that cement block that had been pressing down on me. Crushing me. It was being broken up into small pieces. I truly felt the physical presence of God’s peace flowing over me making me lighter …. Floating upward. Since that moment everything is lighter. Kinda like not all the solutions are here BUT I don’t feel the weight of trying to make it right. So peaceful to just go His way… To let Him reign in that grace style of His.



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