Saturday was a Chili Day

Saturday’s moments were at an event. A chili cook off at Harley Davidson to benefit the boys and girls club… I really enjoy people watching. Just sitting, watching and listening is so interesting. There was a person dancing…. Twirling in his cut off jeans, bare chested, tattoo decorated body. Having the time of his life. My thought was when I watched him was he is from a Woodstock generation. But I did not know …. He doesn’t drink or do drugs…. He just likes to dance!!! Another God moment for me. My thinking and making assumptions about which I know nothing. This person was being himself. Having fun without regard to others judgements about himself. Hmmm! Don’t we all long to be free to be ourselves? Being free to ourselves is being true to who God created us to be. Doing the right thing cause that is the true, authentic way, His way. Without regard to consequences from the world. Can we really be joyful, dancing and praising God without regard to what people might think or do because of actions? Can we be a David? The answer is “YES” if we are willing to lay down our pride… Isn’t  it pride that keeps us being true to God and who He created us to be? Yep, pride is a major player. I look at myself… Am I holding back on all the greatness He has put on the inside of me… For the sake of appearance… Sorry to take at times I do.. Probably more times than I want to admit. So I look at the dancer and see a David… I can be a David… I have been given all the goodness of God to do this. I  just lay  

 down myself !!!


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