Christmas is Coming

Whew!!! Seems hard to be happy this holiday season. I actually was thinking let us just get this over with. Bah !!!! Humbug !!!

After praying and talking with Jesus my thinking has changed. This holiday is not about all that the world protrays. I must stop looking at the blitz the world offers. I must stop thinking about myself. And remember this is a birthday celebration for my savior, Jesus. A celebration of new birth in Him for me. For you. We all get to receive if we choose to believe in His gift of love. In His gift of salvation, wholeness … I dunno, this year has been rough. And I am saddened to say I was feeling overwhelmed. But it so amazing how a conversation with Jesus puts me right back on track. He lifts the sadness. I remember all He has done for me and continues to do. So I am once again peaceful. So Christmas is not about me or you. It is really about Him.  And His love for each of us.



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