Well, an eye exam was first on the list of to do’s for today. First time at this doctor’s office. Everyone seemed really nice. The doctor was good at explaining everything. First time that I had a photo taken of my eyes. Pretty amazing. I mean really how God created our eyes…amazing. So in two weeks I will have new glasses. The old ones were actually a little too strong. That was the problem. Everything was a bit blurry. Anyway all is good now. I pray to always “see” clearly. To “see” what God shows me. To have understanding of what I “see”.  And of course, to be obedient to what He asks me to do. I pondered all the things I “see”. The good, the bad and the ugly. All require a response on my part. To be grateful for the beauty I “see” around me. To share the beauty I “see”. When I “see” the bad … I need to stand strong to make a difference. Doing what is right according to God and His ways. And when I “see” the ugly, I pray unceasingly for God’s glory to revealed. For His grace to change it into something beautiful. Jesus Christ is Lord…. He does give me His eyes to “see” for which I am grateful. 


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