This year was a bit different for gifts as I didn’t make them. Instead I went shopping and bought them. I feel comfortable with each gift purchased. Meaning I think my family will like them. It is so much fun to give gifts. I am excited for my family to open them. And I making a new year’s resolution … I know … I know…. New Year’s already.

I am planning on making them (my family) a gift each month just to say I love them. To celebrate who they are and what they mean to me. You know the world is such a tough place. We need all the love …. To be showered down upon us… To be lifted up. And prayerfully Jesus’s love is revealed in all of this. I reflect on how much He loves me. And it amazes me. Sometimes I am so scared about the future. Yet, when I look back and see all that Jesus has bought me through. Why would I ever doubt His seeing me through. All the gifts He has given me. Himself !!!   The gift of life …With all that He showers on me … I want to share with others. I am focused on this coming year being all about the love. More so than ever before. I want to be even more intentional. My word is “YES” and “AMEN”. So in order to achieve this I must spend more time with Him. So He can soften my heart toward others. And you know that includes myself. You know not being so hard on myself. I am excited about all He has for each and everyone of us this coming year beginning with today, this hour, this moment….Hmmmm….  



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