Putting Away

I am putting away the holiday fanfare. The green tree that teased the cat unrelentlessly is now smushed down into a box. The shiny tinsel that glistened when twinkle lights touched it is shoved into the corner of the box. Hoping it will be easier to find for the next celebration. The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg have long evaporated. The glittering, twinkling lights glow no more. It is as if all the glamour is disappearing with no hope of seeing it again. Not until the allotted time dictates anyway.  Sigh ! Christmas is always hard for me. Why? Based upon my previous experiences with holidays. It was an excuse for my father to drink the celebration into ruin. So much pain. Then I grew up … Married… An unhappy spouse whose meaning of Christmas was so skewed that it pushed him deep into the pit of despair. The enemy had such access into our lives from birth. Piling the hurts upon us until we could barely stand. Wrapping us up in chains that constricted our every movement. Our hearts longed for relief. Our hearts longed for purity of love. We imagined for that pure love to hold us tightly never letting us go. Melting the pain away. The past continually wants to speak, to be heard. To dictate the terms of life forever. Then Jesus speaks to me about His birth. How He choose to come to earth. A king born into the world. A king wanting me. To fill me with love so pure that it breaks every chain. That I rest in the strength of His arms. He came for me. For my spouse. For my children. For my grandchildren. For my family. For my friends. You get it? For everyone… He came for YOU. 

So can I say Christmas is really hard for me, only if I listen to the voice of the enemy. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the one who came to save me. The birth of my King. Can I say all the glamour of Christmas is gone, done, put away not to be thought of until next year. Of course not. I am forever grateful for this life He has freely given me. And I want my heart and life to reflect the pure love He has infused me with. Sigh!!!  



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