Today… A new day. His mercy is new every morning. Thanking God for a do over. Today was chilly in the house so I had my blankies piled high on top of me and I was snuggled deep under the warmth they generated. I sleep peacefully in that cocoon of blankies. Sleeping peacefully. I awoke slowly, enjoying the quietness of the house. Just the silence. Hmmm so nice not to jump up, race around, thinking of all the shoulds I could accomplish in this given day. Yep, that is the key. I was given this day. A new day. A do over if you will. Why? To accomplish my agenda in a crazy non-stop driven way. To proven my worth on this given day by doing craziness. You know what I mean you have the list. Everyone has one. But what is on the list. Does it have 100 things to accomplish by noon and the next 100 things to be accomplished by the self-imposed deadline of…   

 And what are these things? To be and do all you can be in this “world”.  Meeting the worldly standards, set by the world. The Lord Jesus reminded me to be wrapped in the blankies of warmth and peace as I was this morning. Was an illustration of how to allow myself to be wrapped up in Him. His peace. It is exceeds any worldly peace that may come to me. He is the Prince of Peace. To be lead by His peace in this “given day”. He gave me this day to celebrate my life IN Him. To be wrapped up and snuggled in His peace. Doing the things He has called me to do. So grateful for His ways. His peace. His love defines me. 



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