Well, the past few hours of this day I used my creativity to sew a pair of lounging pants out of a soft corduroy with a vibrant pattern on them. I expect them to be very comfortable. It was a fun project to sew. I added side pockets for all the little treasures I find through out the day.  

I then started a pair of winter shorts. Yep, they are tweedie print of soft corduroy. I plan on wearing some leggings underneath them. The fabric is super soft…. 

  I have not sewn something for myself in a long while. Usually think that would fun to make but you know a few pounds less and it would look much better. Silly girl… Pounds…. Come and go… But I am still a great girl who is not defined by my size…. grateful for healing …. Jesus is my healer. When I was a little girl … I watched and listened as my dad would yell at my mom. Hitting her body with fists and hitting her heart, with words that said she was nothing. She barely weighed 100 lbs. yet he continually told her she was fat, among other things. To this day I cry if I hear anyone say to someone that they are fat. Whew!!! Stuff that hurts your heart. Only Jesus can heal. He heals my broken heart and binds up my wounds. So I celebrate my life in Him. I pray that I am tender hearted to myself, to my family, to others. You know He just wants to love us …..

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