Still Sewing

Yep, still sewing. I am sewing a floral print corduroy skirt with black band at hem… Whirl and twirl, girls like to twirl in their skirts. Colder weather makes corduroy such a pleasure to wear. Warmth and the softness. I am enjoying being creative. And sewing for myself is a treat. Funny when your doing things memories flood back into your mind. The painful memories of long ago past hurts. Are the memories still hurting? Or are they healed? Do I remember the past without the pain, that is the question. Sometimes the memories are just a deep sadness knowing life doesn’t have to be that way. His has a better way. His way to live and love ourselves and others. 

1 Corinthians 13: 1-10 is the verses to show us love….And Isaiah 53: 1:-12 is the action of His love for me and you … God’s truth shows me the way … Jesus is the answer… 



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