I cut the most beautiful rosebud from my garden in the front yard. It is amazingly beautiful. 

 It speaks to me of hope and beauty. This winter has been for me a long cold winter. Yet through out this season God shows me that there is beauty … That He is still here with me. To look intently with His eyes to see the beauty in spite  of the winter season. 

 It is also a reminder that some things need to die in the winter season. So that there is new growth. So that what is truth will take deeper roots to grow. I cannot explain everything that has happened over the seasons. In the dark coldness of the winters that seem to have lasted forever. Painful things that no one person can endure or have to endure. The pain being so great that I have felt crushed beneath the weight of it all. It is truly amazing that I am alive. Yet, Christ my savior shows me the rosebud. Tells He is here. He holds me. He comforts me. When no one can understand and all have left me. He is more than enough … My tears stain my pillow at night as I cry out to God. Do you hear me cry? Do you not see? It is quiet… I strain to hear the answer. It is quiet… My heart knows there is no other. That He is the one and only …. For me. 

 The rose opens slowly. It is a vibrant color. With the sweetest frangance. The scent fills the air. Bringing pleasure by being the flower it was created to be. I cannot even begin to understand all the things I have went through. I just cannot. I just know Him. That He does love me. That He does have a plan and in the midst of it all I am to give Him glory. 


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