Days Gone By

My husband had foot surgery to remove benign tumors from the bottom of his foot. It has been a lot for him and for me. As he cannot put any weight on this foot. Started with 2 weeks bed rest. We are actually going into third week because he had a hematoma. Ugh ! Difficult is the word … Hard is the word. Nights are long with hardly any sleep. Days are quietly slipping by….life is being made simpler. Enjoying the naps during the day. Watching a movie on a portable DVD player. And reading books chapter by chapter sentence by sentence till eye lids grow droopy. Being grateful for all the good in this situation. All the stuff we sometimes over look or take for granted. Like doctors, health insurance, monies to pay for all the non covered stuff. Warm, comfortable home with food … Yep, we are blessed for sure. It is something to be processed emotionally as all stuff needs to be. And forget about adding this to “our” lists of woes. But add it to our testimony of what God has done and is doing…

  At the end of all of this he will walk…takes about three to four months.  It was benign !!!! Thank God …. And through it all I can see blessings from God.-


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