Outside Continues

  It is okay for me to ask God the whys of my life. He can handle it. And He does not think less of me for asking. Even though I know the answers. Sometimes residual emotions need to be dealt with. That gentle reminder of His presence being with me always. I live in a fallen world where stuff happens. And because of that I experience life with good and bad happenings. God did not cause the bad things. And everything good … That is what He is about. He does take the bad things …making it good. It takes me time to process… To acknowledge what has happened. To respond in God’s way to my circumstances. It is amazing how gentle God is with me, when He is showing me His way is better. His path is better. He whispers in my ear, “Is that truth”? “Does that thinking line up with my word”? Always showing me the most excellent way. So grateful for Him.  




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