Looking Forward

Not much has changed in my life’s situation except my heart. My heart ! I am more peaceful. It is the taking time to enjoy the moment that has made a difference. Yep !!! Just spending those moments of reflection on the goodness in my life. The conversations with my Lord. He is helping me to not be anxious or scared. To take the day moment by moment. It seems the days come with the same questions… Am I following hard after His heart or am I being tripped up by going my own way. I am wanting to be like Jesus. His heart is unconditional love. His goodness is pure. So each day is peaceful when I rest in Him.  It is when I tangle myself up in the what if’s. That life gets anxious… I only know each day comes with challenges. And I am moved to get closer to Him, to be able to make it through. Am I ever always trusting…. No but it is my desire to be. So I follow the Prince of Peace. Jesus is His name.



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