Sunny days are here again. The temperature is in high 70’s… And I sit on the pad outside in the backyard. My back facing the sunshine. So I can truly sing, “sunshine on my shoulder”. I am listening to the birds chirp their most amazing song. And the little dog is racing after the cat, yelping all the way …. So maybe the little dog needs to be quiet. Especially since the cat is bigger.  

 The morning began with fighting… What a way to begin the day … Hurting each other…. Tears. Hmmm. All I can say is we both cried and hugged and said we are sorry. Forgiveness given and forgiveness received. So awful how the enemy can use us against the other. Now we are just tired. Another trip to the doctor tomorrow so we only had a day between. So we are truly tired, physically and emotionally. We have taken our stand on God’s word. Expecting His faithfulness. Yet, we must guard against things like this morning. I must spent even more time in Jesus’s presence to get through this in way that will glorify Him.  

 So I sit, soaking in the sights and sounds of the world He created. Grateful for His loving-kindness especially when I blow it like this morning… Grace….


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